Step Ladder

Step Ladder

Step ladder is a ladder with wide steps that is specifically designed to provide foot comfort while climbing or standing. Stepladders are mostly used for painting, repairs, industrial work and household jobs. They come in an A-shape model with either one side having steps or both sides having steps. They are made from steel, wood, aluminum or fiberglass. The steps are lined with corrugated rubber or have slip-resistant texture. Generally, the depth of steps ranges from 3 inches to 10 inches. If the steps fold up, it becomes compact to store the ladder. The foot of the ladder should have slip-resistant molded footpads or rubber cups for better grip. Usually step ladders range from 18 inches to 20 feet height. Stepladders can carry up to 375 lbs of weight, depending on the model.

Original Type 1A

FiberGlass Type 1A

Safety StepLadder

UltraStep Aluminium StepLadder

UltraStep Fiberglass StepLadder

Some step ladders have a high railing for support at the top and wheels for rolling at the bottom. A few have an adjustable height of about one foot that can be incremented or reduced per requirements. A platform on the stepladder provides an ideal working place to keep tools and materials. Most stepladders can accommodate accessories that can be used while working. The assortment of accessories consists of paint can/bucket hanger, conduit holder, tool holder and ladder caddy. A special type of stepladder that can fold up to the length of a step is known as the Telescopic stepladder. It uses a patented lock and release mechanism for opening and closing the ladder.

Skyscrapper Telescoping AFrame

Work Platform

Leg Leveler


Telescoping Work Plank

Even though stepladders provide a better standing space, they must be used carefully. There should not be any extra loading on the side, since they can easily overturn.

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