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How to select the best ladder

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Everyone needs a good ladder. Whether youíre a weekend warrior or just have an occasional home improvement project, itís best to invest in a ladder that will rise to the challenge of any project you take on.

Top Ten Considerations When Purchasing A Ladder

  • Stability. A good ladder will have flared footings so you remain stable at the top of the ladder. As with any project, safety should be your #1 concern.

  • Warranty. Does the manufacturer stand behind its product? Be sure to verify the ladder you buy comes with a solid long term warranty.

  • Construction. Simply put, aluminum or fiberglass ladders are the way to go. They are more durable, have a longer life-span and offer the best value for your money.

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  • Value. Look for a ladder that is versatile, stable, well constructed, is easy to carry and store, and allows you to reach virtually any height in your home. Remember, you get what you pay for.

  • Height. A ladder should serve your needs on any home improvement project big or small. It may be best to purchase a larger size than you need just in case.

  • Versatility. No one has room for a garage full of ladders. Buy a ladder that takes the place of several ladders. This will save you a lot of money and space.

  • Weight. A professional grade aluminum ladder weighs between 25-45 pounds and a fiberglass model will weigh between 35 to 50 pounds. Anything lighter wonít be as durable or stable.

  • Accessories. When choosing a ladder, be sure you can purchase accessories for it. Common types include wall stand offs, leg levelers, and work platforms.

  • Storage. Does the ladder take up much space when youíre not using it? Letís face it: who has the space in their garage for a bulky ladder? Check to see if the ladder folds up into a compact unit. This also means it can be easily transported.

  • Origin. Look for ladders made in the USA as they typically have better craftsmanship and are of a higher quality.

There you have it. Armed with this useful knowledge, you are ready to compare ladders.

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