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Frequently asked questions

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  • Why buy a Little Giant Ladder?
    Simple. They’re the ultimate multipurpose ladder. You simply get more for your money when you buy a Little Giant Ladder. More strength. More safety. More versatility. One Little Giant does the job of all these traditional ladders:
      • A-Frame Ladder
      • Extension Ladder
      • Stairway Ladder
      • Two Scaffold Trestles
      • Compact Storage Ladder

  • Which is the most popular line of ladders?
    The Little Giant Type 1A ladder system offers the versatility of 24 ladders in one—allowing it to be safely used on stairs, ramps, curbs, docks, or other uneven surfaces. This is the very same model seen on TV.

  • What is the difference between ladder types?
    The American National Standards Institute sets standards for load ratings of each ladder and Little Giant Ladder adheres to this rating system. Load ratings for Little Giant ladders include the Type 1, with a capacity of 250 pounds, the Type 1A, with a capacity of 300 pounds and the Type 1AA, which supports up to 375 pounds.
      • Type 1 is safety rated to hold up to 250 pounds
      • Type 1A is safety rated to hold up to 300 pounds
      • Type 1AA is safety rated to hold up to 375 pounds

  • How can you identify a genuine Little Giant Ladder?
    Sometimes called “little ladders”, “wing ladders” and even “giant ladders,” they are all one and the same. Look for the “Made in the USA” stamp and the patent pending Little Giant hinges complete with the trademark orange caps.

  • What does “articulating ladder” mean?
    Articulating ladders typically integrate hinges so the ladder can be manipulated into different configurations. Over 30 years ago, Little Giant created the original articulating ladder. Today, Wing Enterprises—the manufacturer of Little Giant Ladders—is still the #1 manufacturer of articulating ladders in the world.

  • Q. What are Little Giant Ladders made of?
    Little Giant Ladders are constructed using heavy-wall 6005-T5 aircraft quality aluminum. All Little Giant Ladders combine high strength and corrosion resistance with ultra light weight.

  • What is the difference between aluminum and fiberglass ladders?
    Fiberglass ladders are extremely strong and long-lasting, and are primarily used for electrical and heavyduty projects. Aluminum ladders are sturdy and suitable for heavy-duty projects; however as with any metal ladder they can conduct electricity and in general are not recommended for electrical work. Learn more.

  • Where can I buy a Little Giant Ladder?
    When buying online, we recommend purchasing your Little Giant ladder at the official Little Giant website. At you’ll find the complete selection of Little Giant ladders plus you’ll get FREE FedEx shipping within the continental United States. Order a model 17, 22 or 26 Type 1A Aluminum Ladder and get a FREE work platform!

Little Giant Ladder Free Shipping & Free Platform Promotion Link

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